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El Yunque Rainforest Night Walk

Quick Details

Hour Glass Duration: 2.5 hours

Users Participants: 20 guests

Clock Time of Day: Evening

Tag Fitness Level: Beginner – Intermediate


Join this unique Afternoon to Night Nature Walk Adventure!

Did you know that about 60% of the El Yunque Rainforest inhabitants are nocturnal, and are very seldom seen during the daytime?

Imagine entering the forest just about one hour before the sun sets via a guided nature walk tour to learn about the daytime flora and fauna, and walking along a manmade and natural trail that winds its way through the forest to a wild and scenic river better known as the Mameyes.

If weather conditions permit, we are able to take a dip in one of El Yunque’s finest natural swimming holes, Las Damas pool, or you can just relax around the river banks and listen to the water rushing through the rocks!

After about thirty minutes, it’s time to start our walk back out of the forest, just as twilight settles in over El Yunque. All diurnal animals are preparing to rest while the nocturnal animals are starting to come to life. First, we notice the cooling of the air; the dew points rise, sounds become much more intense, new smells fill the air as night prepares to fall! Bats take flight, sounds of the Puerto Rican screech owl are heard in the distance, insects are seen and heard, 17 species of tree frogs start calling out to their mates, aquatic life becomes more present as El Yunque awakens!

Come and enjoy the El Yunque Rainforest while it’s asleep, then leave as it awakens! This Puerto Rico rainforest tour is an adventure not to be missed!