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Our Policies

El Yunque Tours welcomes you to our beautiful island where diversity and ecology meet in perfect harmony! In order to have an excellent adventure, please read our company’s policies. Our promises: A fun, safe, memorable experience every time!

“We are Proud To Promote the following Work & Outdoor Ethics”

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Sustainability Policy

All Tours are done on none motorized equipment, all tours are fully guided and guides are trained twice a month on the content of the natural areas and its ecosystems, flora and fauna as to deliver a better interpretation to our guests.

We encourage our guests to not use heavy body products before the tours and offer them botanical products at the tour site. Our operation practices “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle along with “Pack It In Pack It Out” always cleaning our sites of man made trash, always bringing out what we bring in and seeing it to proper disposal or recycle locations.

Company owners and guide staff assist in cleanups around the island hoping to set an example that littering is not the right choice. We are currently underway with a new project for our vehicles “Water for Fuel” this is a simple installation that will allow better fuel economy and reduced emissions of up to fifty percent allowing our trucks and vans to use less fuel and release less emissions during their daily transport to and from the tour sites.

Studying and practicing Green Globe and IES guidelines for our operational site and field operations, pushing for bench mark and then on to best practice. Promoting “Responsible Marketing” and supporting laws to protect our natural resources such as “Say No to Swimming” in Laguna Grande and “Enjoy La Mina from the Banks”.

We at El Yunque Tours Inc. want each of our guests to know that it is our daily drive to offer our tours with endless forethought, education, and a heart felt drive to protect & conserve our natural wonders. By taking the extra steps needed to bring our tours into Puerto Rico’s eight ecosystems interacting and learning about them while taking nothing out but memories & photos and leaving nothing but footprints!

We hope that you will come and join us in our quest to interact within a natural environment with our goal on interpretation, education, leading to conservation of Puerto Rico’s natural wonders!

“Our Promises: A Fun, Safe, Memorable, Experience Every Time! “