uquillo LTER Scientists, creates a wonders video that bring to life the streams and rivers that make up El Yunque Rainforest watershed.  We as guests visit the El Yunque Forest to see and hear it’s rushing waters as they move through the rocks and roots and stand in front of its waterfalls!  But under the surface is a complex food web and a world of aquatic creatures in el yunque that we very seldom see.  Shrimp, crabs, fish work together and through their hard work we are able to see and enjoy these clear, clean water oases, so join us as we pier under the surface and learn about El Yunque rainforests aquatic life and its importance to our day to day lives!

Special thanks to Luquillo LTER & Freshwaters Illustrated for this great video.

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Hope to see you under the canopy!
El Yunque Tours Inc.
Michael Grasso Jr.

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