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Twilight Rainforest Nature Walk

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Hour Glass Duration: 3 hours

Users Participants: 22 guests

Clock Time of Day: Evening

Tag Fitness Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Take a walk on the dark side!

Did you know that about 60% of the El Yunque Rainforest inhabitants are nocturnal, and are very seldom seen during the daytime?

Imagine entering the forest just about one hour before the sun sets via a guided nature walk tour to learn about the daytime flora and fauna, and walking along a manmade and natural trail that winds its way through the forest to a wild and scenic river better known as the Mameyes.

If weather conditions permit, we are able to take a dip in one of El Yunque’s finest natural swimming holes, Las Damas pool, or you can just relax around the river banks and listen to the water rushing through the rocks!

After about thirty minutes, it’s time to start our walk back out of the forest, just as twilight settles in over El Yunque. All diurnal animals are preparing to rest while the nocturnal animals are starting to come to life. First, we notice the cooling of the air; the dew points rise, sounds become much more intense, new smells fill the air as night prepares to fall! Bats take flight, sounds of the Puerto Rican screech owl are heard in the distance, insects are seen and heard, 17 species of tree frogs start calling out to their mates, aquatic life becomes more present as El Yunque awakens!

Come and enjoy the El Yunque Rainforest while it’s asleep, then leave as it awakens! This Puerto Rico rainforest tour is an adventure not to be missed!

  • Chevron down What to bring & what to leave behind:
  • Please bring:

    • Lightweight clothing and a change of dry clothes for the ride back to the hotel; as it is a rainforest, it could rain during the tour
    •  Towels as needed to dry off once back from the tour
    • Lightweight hiking shoes, hiking boots, sandals or strap-on water shoes which work great at the rocky entry into the waterfall
    • Waterproof cameras, cameras (EYT will not be responsible for the equipment you bring)

    Please leave behind (the following are only suggestions!):

    • Digital cameras or video if not waterproof; it does rain regularly
    • Paper documentation important to your vacation; passports, boarding passes, birth certificates or  any others that you do not want to get wet
    • Large sums of money, expensive or important jewelry, anything that is looped, loose or dangling
    • Anything that you would not want to lose; leave behind in a rental car or aboard the tour bus
  • Chevron down What if the weather forecast is bad?
  • EYT monitors weather conditions daily, safety should always come first! We follow NOAA, Wunderground, and Weather.com. If any of the two forecast 50% or higher threat for rain, winds exceeding 18 knots or potential for thunderstorms, we will cancel the tour for that day. One of our representatives will contact you via email, text or phone to advise of cancellation and offer to reschedule if possible. If you are unable to reschedule or the weather does not improve during your stay, we will refund your booking cost.

  • Chevron down Transportation notes:
  • If you chose transportation, pick-ups will be done from multiple locations, starting from the farthest location and working back toward the tour site. Guests should expect multiple short stops to pick up other guests, then expect the same on the return. Return transportation will be making short stops starting at the closest hotels from the tour site and working toward the farthest. Stops are long enough to unload guests safely!

    We route our pickups and returns based on timelines and guests locations; please be at appointed pickup locations on time ready for our drivers to pick you up! Drivers will only wait at appointed pickup locations for five minutes past appointed pickup time!

  • Chevron down Approximate itinerary:
    • 5:30 p.m. – Meeting time at Angelito Trail
    • 5:30 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. – Group safety & pre-walk orientation, equipment dispersal (backpacks, towels, snacks, and water)
    • 5:45 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.– Tour duration – Walkthrough Angelito Trail with guides, interpretation of natural areas, flora, fauna, history. Break at a Las Damas Pool to enjoy snacks and swimming, weather permitting. Return to the trail entrance. Return of backpacks and towels
    • 8 p.m. – Activity completion

    If you book this tour with transportation, pick up timeframes are approximate as follow:

    • San Juan – 4 p.m.
    • Carolina – Isla Verde – 4:15 p.m.
    • Rio Grande (Wyndham Rio Mar) 5 p.m.