Tips For Visiting In El Yunque National Forest

El Yunque National Forest is located in northeastern Puerto Rico. Multiple guided tours are available in the area, starting at around $67. Guides will take you all around the forest, focusing on the most popular and beautiful sights—like the best waterfalls and views!

Types Of Guides

Finding the right guide is essential to enjoying your trip through the El Yunque National Forest. Some guides will focus on simply showing you the biggest waterfall or the closest sights and that will be it. But, good guides will let you choose from a couple different options. They may take you on a tour of the waterfalls and on an adventure hike around part of El Yunque National Forest, or they might take you on a full-out, off-the-beaten-path trail tour that will require up to a full day of hiking to finish your adventure!

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EL Yunque Tours, Puerto Rico Rainforest Animals, Puerto Rico Rainforest, Puerto Rico Rainforest Tour

Don’t Overpay

Plenty of guides will happily overcharge you. When your travelling, you should always be shopping around not only for the best price, but for the company with the best reputation. At tourist locations like El Yunque National Forest, unfortunately, there are plenty of “guides” who would happily take your money and then disappoint you with a very short or unsightly tour. But, that can be easily avoided by simply paying attention to who you go with.

Plan Ahead

It can be so much fun to go on a spur of the moment adventure, but when it comes to travel, it can really pay off to plan ahead. By planning ahead, you’ll be able to find the best guide online and book a time before you even arrive. Once you get to El Yunque National Forest, if you need to kill a bit of time for your guide starts your hike, you won’t have any problems finding a lookout spot to wait at.

How Long?

Guided tours range from an hour to a full-day, and most people recommend going somewhere in the middle. Even if you aren’t a highly active person, a 3-hour hike or so will be plenty of time to venture a good way into El Yunque National Forest and then stop for lots of pictures—because you are certainly going to want to! Everyone lucky enough to see the waterfalls in El Yunque National Forest falls in love. And, if you ever get the chance, you won’t hesitate to visit a second time.


El Yunque National Forest offers a variety of guided tours ran by different guides. The guide you choose should preferably be booked online ahead of time, and shoot for about 3 hours so you have enough time to see everything without getting too worn out. At the end of your tour, you certainly won’t regret having done it, and you’ll have plenty of photos to take home and share!

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